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Tous en Choeur 2013

(c) Philippe Dutoit / Tous en Choeur 2013
Guiness Festival

Guiness Festival

Le TPBL accompagne

  • Henri Dès
  • Carlos Nuñez
  • The Chieftains

le TPBL y sera :

Le 07:06:2015 : Fête de l'Oiseau
à Gex

Formation cornemuses et tambours

Cliquez ici
pour voir la photo officielle 2013.

Livre d'OR :

Thanks for the warm welcome I had the opportunity to experience during my visit at your practice night last thursday. It is a huge satisfaction and pleasure watching your band grow in quantity as well as quality! Looking forward to seeing you in St.Ursen - tom(at)pbas.ch
Thomas Müller